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Our approach

Person-centered approach

At Opportunities Yukon, we understand that each individual has diverse strengths and abilities. Regardless of your background or experience, everyone deserves access to the tools and opportunities to live a rewarding life.

Our organization was formerly known as Challenge Disability Resource Group, and we are proud to embrace our new brand and name as Opportunities Yukon, taking the next step in our ongoing evolution as we continue to adapt to meet the needs of our diverse community.

When it comes to the work we do, we have always adopted a person-centered approach in all our programs and services.

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Our philosophy is to:


  1. Be responsive to individual differences, cultural diversity, personal preferences and values, family situations, social circumstances and lifestyles, and personal preferences

2. Offer services and programs that are easy to understand, navigate and benefit from

3. Person-centred practice can be developed on an organization scale, for example having a person-centred practice organization policy; ensuring people are involved in decisions regarding their plan for services

Why this approach?

When you advocate for person-centered services and care, you:

1. Place the individual at the center of their own planning or care, promoting self-advocacy, independence, dignity and respect

2. Ensure services are developed in partnership with people, their families and /or their care providers

3. Promote change on the organization level, for example, ensuring people are involved in decisions that directly affect their lives and future

“Opportunities Yukon staff are good people to get along with and they know me.”

Interested in a career with Opportunities Yukon?

Interested in a career with Opportunities Yukon?