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Board of directors

Opportunities Yukon is led by a team of volunteer members who form our Board of Directors. They represent a cross-section of the diverse needs and abilities community in the Yukon. Members of the board are elected from membership, and are responsible for ensuring the organization continues to follow its strategic priorities in line with constitutional objectives, which are:

  1.  To provide, by means of professionally coordinated programs, for the assessment, training coaching and placement services of people with diverse needs and abilities
  2. To develop, establish and operate residential and supportive services for people with diverse needs and abilities
  3.  To promote the education, training, development and welfare of people with diverse needs and abilities at home and in the workplace
  4.  To collaborate with public and private agencies and the various departments of Yukon and the Federal Government that share similar purposes
  5. To develop a better understanding of the public perception of people with diverse needs and abilities

Tim Brady, BSW

Board Chair

Jessica Williams, CCC


Jillian Hardie

Executive Director

Scott Kerby, MEd


Dorothy Talsma, BSPharm


Luke Sugden

Secretary / Treasurer

Jade Lacosse


Interested in joining our board?