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Challenge Disabilities Resource Group rebrands as Opportunities Yukon   

Apr 13, 2022

Whitehorse, April 13, 2022 – Challenge Disabilities Resource Group has rebranded as Opportunities Yukon, marking the next step in its evolution as a cornerstone in the Yukon community.  

Since 1975, the organization has worked diligently to erase stigma, promote inclusion and help engage and empower individuals who live with barriers to embrace their strengths. As Opportunities Yukon, the newly revealed name and brand speak to its end goal, which is to provide meaningful opportunities so that people with diverse needs and abilities can thrive―both as individuals and as active members in their communities. 

Opportunities Yukon adopts a person-centered approach in all its programs and services, connecting people with employers, job boards and employment opportunities that cater to different skillsets and backgrounds. Individuals looking for housing are directed to the organization’s four housing programs that focus on empowering individuals to live actively and independently.  

“Opportunity has always been what we do. Now, as we evolve into Opportunities Yukon, our team has built a new brand that encompasses who we are and what we stand for as an organization today,” says Jillian Hardie, Executive Direction of Opportunities Yukon. “We understand every person has diverse strengths and abilities, and distinct wants and needs. To us, access to resources is not just about equality, but equity.” 

Building on a strong community network, the organization also facilitates connections with government, employers and partners to create inclusive opportunities and provide support for individual skills development and growth.  

“We don’t do our work alone. Focused on life and job skills development, we collaborate with partners to provide diverse and empowering social and entrepreneurial opportunities,” says Hardie. “Many thanks to our broad and diverse community for the ongoing support.”  

The announcement of the Opportunities Yukon rebranding coincides with the organization’s move to a new office space. As well as the launch the Cornerstone Community, a housing program built on Housing First Principles that will create an environment for people to thrive.  

About Opportunities Yukon 

Opportunities Yukon, formerly known as Challenge Disabilities Resource Group, was founded in 1975 with the mission to help people with diverse needs and abilities thrive – both as individuals and as active members in their communities. Since then, the organization has worked diligently to erase stigma and promote inclusion for the broad and diverse community in the Yukon. In collaboration with employers, partners and the government, Opportunities Yukon provides meaningful employment, housing and inclusive programs to help engage and empower individuals who live with barriers to embrace their strengths and benefit from opportunities for independence and long-term development. 

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For more information:  

Jillian Hardie 

Executive Director  

Opportunities Yukon  

867-668-4421 ext. 100